No More Heroes Anti-Hero Travis Touchdown Returns On Nintendo Switch

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Grasshopper Manufacture CEO Suda 51 made a surprise appearance in the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017, sharing an announcement that No More Heroes anti-hero Travis Touchdown will make a return in a new game on Nintendo Switch.

“The title hasn’t been decided yet, but, just about a year ago, I had been going to some gaming events in Japan and I exchanged some ideas with the indie game community,” Suda shared on stage.

“We have been discussing some ideas for the new Nintendo Switch console, and I have heard that it is an easier platform to create games for – especially for indie developers.

“And so, that matches with what we are expecting in the game development process. This one game that I am working on right now will be something that takes advantage of this environment. We will create a game that will have a fusion of deathmatches that are heavily influenced by pro wrestling. I would love to see Travis running around in a game for Nintendo Switch.”

He later went on to sit down with 4Gamer for an interview (translated by Gematsu), where he clarified that it was a brand title that had entered development.

“Actually, when I was on stage, I was going to say that it isn’t a port and that it’s a new title, but I completely forgot…” Suda admitted. Asked whether the game would, therefore, become No More Heroes 3, he replied: “That, I still can’t say. However, the script will be completely written by me, and for the first time in 10 years, I’m also doing the direction.”

As to how far along the game is in development, Suda explained: “Regarding the story, while I haven’t written it down to the plot, the overall picture and essential parts have been solidified. And since the direction of the game design has almost been decided, we’re about to begin development.”

travis touchdown nintendo switch

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