No Miiverse Or StreetPass On Nintendo Switch


Nintendo of America has confirmed that Nintendo Switch will not have StreetPass or use the social network service, Miiverse.

The absence of StreetPass has been placed in part on the fact that Nintendo Switch is being positioned as a home gaming system and not a portable, even though players are able to take their gaming experience on the go with them.

“I can answer that we’re not going to be using Miiverse for Nintendo Switch,” Nintendo of America’s assistant manager of public relations David Young confirmed to VentureBeat.

It is unclear why Miiverse is being left behind, but we know that Nintendo Switch will have a Capture Button to share screenshots on social media, with the ability to share video clips to be added at a later date.

Nintendo has not specified which social media services Nintendo Switch will support, for some reason. But, they have said that it will be those that already exist.

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