Nnooo gains Wii U developer approval

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Nnooo have received approval to develop for Wii U, being the first Australian developer to have been granted such a privilege.

The Sydney based studio was formed in 2006, and has developed numerous titles across Nintendo’s digital platforms including North American WiiWare launch title Pop, the myLifeCollected range of lifestyle applications for Nintendo DSiWare, and, most recently, escapeVektor: Chapter 1 on WiiWare.

They are currently developing augmented reality RPG Spirit Hunters Inc for Nintendo DSiWare, and escapeVektor for the Nintendo 3DS, both of which are expected to release in the final quarter of 2012.

“We’re thrilled to receive developer approval for this exciting new console,” commented Nic Watt, Creative Director at Nnooo. “We can’t wait to see what the console is capable of and already have a number of ideas we’d like to experiment with.”

He continued, “We’re very close to finishing Spirit Hunters Inc and escapeVektor. We’ll be showcasing the games at Gamescom in Cologne in the middle of August. Once these games are completed we’ll be prototyping some ideas for the Wii U to get a feel for what we can do.

“We’ve already had a quick play with the hardware and everyone in the studio is super impressed by the GamePad and the capabilities of the Wii U itself.”

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