Ninty Fresh Magazine To Deliver Dedicated Nintendo Content

Ninty Fresh Magazine Photo

Ninty Fresh is the latest independent print magazine to surface online, dedicated to everything to do with Nintendo.

Promising content that covers the Nintendo Entertainment System right through to Nintendo Switch, the Kickstarter campaign still has 22 days to go and has already attracted 794 backers who have pledged £10,417 towards the project at the time of writing.

This comes from the team behind Switch Player, a monthly magazine with writers that work hard to keep up with news, features and reviews about everything coming to the portable home console.

Ninty Fresh continues with Nintendo Switch coverage, but will also come packed with more retro-orientated articles that will look back at Nintendo’s lustrous history.

“Think of it as Official Nintendo Magazine/Nintendo Official Magazine crossed with Retro Gamer, although unaffiliated with any of those publications,” the publication’s team explains.

The first issue will have an interview with former Nintendo Official Magazine editor Tim Street, a Nintendo Entertainment System retrospective from Chris Scullion and a “monstrous” 20-page feature covering 35 years of Super Mario.

The Kickstarter tiers will let you back to receive a digital copy (£2) or both a print and digital copy (£5), with Ninty Fresh to be produced in an A4 (210mmx297mm) format that will ship worldwide.

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