Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aimé Pays Heartfelt Tribute To Satoru Iwata


At The Game Awards 2015, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé took to the stage to lead a heartfelt tribute to Satoru Iwata.

The late Nintendo president sadly passed away in July, having been diagnosed with a bile duct growth – a rare form of aggressive cancer. While, at the time, he had shared that “it was detected very early” and underwent surgery to remove it, his health had unexpectedly deteriorated a year later.

Fils-Aimé’s speech touched on Iwata’s acute understanding across electrical engineering, software design and business, his direct involvement in three of the company’s most successful platforms, and his fearless championing of ideas – even when faced with criticism internally.

“Finally, on a personal level, he was my boss, he was my mentor, and he was my colleague. But most of all, he was my friend and I am a better person for it,” Fils-Aime closed. “And I think every gamer is better for having Mr. Iwata’s vision and talent inspire and shape the passion we all share.

“No matter what is going in our lives or in the world, Mr. Iwata wanted Nintendo to be about putting smiles on people’s faces. Nintendo, at its heart, is about making us feel younger than we are today. Mr. Iwata, I hope you’re smiling right now.”

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