Nintendo’s handheld market share falls by 13% due to Apple and Google devices

apple iphone in hand

Flurry, a Mobile analytics agency, has today reported that the growing popularity of Apple iOS and Google Android devices has caused Nintendo’s handheld market share to fall by 13% within the past year.

This brought Nintendo’s overall market share within the United States to 57% overall, whereas Sony’s PSP also fell to 11%.
In direct relation, iOS and Android saw their share jump from 19% up to 34% – a leap in 15%.

“We estimate that iOS and Android game revenue increased from $500m in 2009 to more than $800m in 2010,” Flurry explains. “Of this, the significant majority of revenue was generated by iPhone games.

“It’s clear that prolific installed base gains by Apple and Android devices, low priced games (including a very robust free-to-play model enabled by in-app purchases) and seamless digital distribution to games on devices so near to consumers 24-hours-a-day, is driving potent industry-disruption.

“Over 2011, we expect to see continued and significant smart-device game growth fuelled by the recent launch of iPad 2, iPhone coming into distribution on Verizon, the expected release of iPhone 5, a relentless expansion of Android devices by leading OEMs across all major US carriers, and Google’s enablement of in-app purchase billing, a proven key driver in iOS game revenue.”

I wonder whether the release of the Nintendo 3DS will allow the company to regain some of its loss in market share?

[Thanks Flurry, via MCV]

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