Nintendo’s Board of Directors re-elected as approval ratings rise


Nintendo’s Board of Directors were successfully re-elected at their Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, which was held last week.

Clearly pleased with the company’s concerted effort toward recording a full-year profit, which even saw them beat forecast expectation, approval ratings rose for each of the 10 directors.

Nintendo have this week published the results of the voting process, breaking down the level of shareholder approval in backing each director. Those results, with last year’s for comparison, are as follows:

Satoru Iwata – 2015: 83.45 percent, 2014: 80.64 percent
Genyo Takeda- 2015: 92.07 percent, 2014: 86.80 percent
Shigeru Miyamoto – 2015: 92.08 percent, 2014: 86.81 percent
Tatsumi Kimishima – 2015: 92.60 percent, 2014: 89.11 percent
Shigeyuki Takahashi – 2015: 94.46 percent, 2014: 93.32 percent
Satoshi Yamato – 2015: 94.46 percent, 2014: 93.33 percent
Susumu Tanaka – 2015: 94.46 percent, 2014 93.33 percent
Shinya Takahashi – 2015: 94.46 percent, 2014: 93.33 percent
Hirokazu Shinshi – 2015: 94.46 percent, 2014: 93.33 percent
Naoki Mizutani – 2015: 94.52 percent, 2014: 94.03 percent

Nintendo’s directors will have pleased shareholders through announcing their newfound alliance with DeNA, partnership with Universal Parks & Resorts, and talk of NX, their next “dedicated game platform.”

[Thanks Perfectly Nintendo]

Alex Seedhouse
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