Nintendo Zone Service Discontinued In Europe This Week

nintendo zone logo

Nintendo of Europe has announced that the Nintendo Zone service will be discontinued in Europe this week, which were the public hotspots that let you freely connect your Nintendo 3DS to the internet.

They had offered far more than that though, rewarding those that accessed them with the Nintendo Zone viewer application with exclusive content, Puzzle Swap panels for StreetPass Mii Plaza, minigames, quizzes, special demos, downloadable videos, and Nintendo 3DS HOME Menu Themes.

More significantly than that they had provided free in-game content in games like Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and had been used to deliver the StreetPass relay service which had allowed you to receive StreetPass data from up to six other Nintendo 3DS owners that had passed that same location.

“Important information: the Nintendo Zone service will be discontinued in Europe on Wednesday, March 28th 2018,” Nintendo of Europe confirmed. “Thank you for using the Nintendo Zone service.”

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