Nintendo: Wii U Miis “to be the same” as those on Nintendo 3DS

Satoru Iwata Mii

During an interview with Nintendo software producer and director Katsuya Eguchi, who has previously worked on Star Fox, Wii Sports Resort and Wave Race 64, IGN have queried as to why the Miis seen within the Wii U “experiences” on show at E3 2011 were similar to their Wii predecessors, and whether they would receive any upgrades.

“Actually, the Miis that will be used on the Wii U are going to be the same as the ones on the 3DS,” Eguchi explained. “On the 3DS we tweaked [the design] a little bit. We added some features, and the Mii editor that’s on the 3DS is different from the one that’s on the Wii.”

He continued, “Ultimately we’ll use those same Miis on the Wii U. Right now it looks the same as the ones on the Wii because we don’t have the ability to create Miis in the Wii U yet.”

There’s no doubt that Nintendo’s introduction of the Miis received a divided reaction amongst fans, but would you prefer Nintendo to update them beyond their current ‘limbless’ appeal?

[Thanks, IGN]

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  1. Nintendo’s “Mii” avatars are infinitely more appealing than Microsoft’s “Avatar” counterparts. I’m happy for the Mii’s to stay the same as the 3DS. I’d sooner that then an attempt to “improve” the graphics and make them more like the lifeless puppets I see all around my xbox360.

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