Nintendo Wants To Make Virtual Reality Safe For Children

nintendo shigeru miyamoto takashi tezuka

Shigeru Miyamoto has once again weighed in on Virtual Reality, indicating that, while Nintendo is actively researching it, it won’t be an immediate part of their plans for Nintendo NX.

As part of their continued exploration of technological possibilities for their own dedicated hardware, Miyamoto revealed that the company’s goal with Virtual Reality is to eliminate concerns about playing for long durations, and making sure it is safe for children to use.

“As for VR, we are researching not just VR but AR and many other technologies,” Miyamoto explained to shareholders. “We have a range of core technology including 3D, and we are also considering the possibility of implementing these in our own hardware development. For VR in particular, we are continuing our research, and looking into development with a mind to how our current core products are meant to be played for a relatively long period of time.

“We are looking into the possibilities of providing an experience that gives value when played for a short time, and how to eliminate the concerns of long-duration use. We are also looking into how to make sure that a parent doesn’t need to worry when their child puts on a VR device in their living room.

“At this year’s E3, I was on the show floor, and it did not feel like VR was that big of a topic. This could be because VR is not that much to look at for the spectator, even while it might be highly appreciated for the person actually experiencing it. It might also not be clear how the experience can be made into a product.”

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