Nintendo want you to “take more risks” with your Nintendo eShop purchases


Nintendo have been notably proactive in promoting independent developers around E3 2015 this year. And not only in seeing them appear on Nintendo Treehouse: Live @ E3, but in the Nindies@Home promotion running throughout the week that lets you download nine preview demos for free through the Nintendo eShop.

But while this will hopefully help draw your attention to such upcoming ‘Nindie’ releases, Nintendo hope that fans and consumers will begin to “take more risks” with what they choose to purchase.

“It seems like a lot of the Nintendo fans and consumers they gravitate towards nostalgia, they gravitate towards platformer and puzzle action games,” explains Damon Baker, Nintendo of America’s senior manager of marketing and licensing. “If I had one wish to be fulfilled, I would love to see Nintendo fans and consumers take more risks on eShop.”

He continues, “It’s my responsibility to make sure everything gets as much exposure as possible,” with certain games selected for the Nindies@Home a “natural fit” with others more unusual choices.

Have you downloaded any games from the Nindies@Home promotion yet? If so, which are your favourites?

[Thanks Gamasutra]
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  1. If it was marketed properly, no consumer would fee like they are risking anything. But, he is 100% correct since the consumer is particularly unaware of the product they might purchase… Is a total risk.

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