‘Nintendo Video’ service to also launch in Japan tomorrow


Earlier we reported that the ‘Nintendo Video’ service was due to be made available across Europe tomorrow, and now we can also confirm that it will also launch throughout Japan.

Able to be downloaded through the Nintendo eShop, this free application for Nintendo 3DS will allow you to view free 2D and 3D video content that is downloaded to your handheld via the SpotPass functionality.

For Japan, the first content is as follows:

* Tokyo Girls Collection
A fashion show themed around “real clothes,” or the kind of clothes that teens and 20-year-old girls wear.

* Yoshimoto Nintendo 3DS Experimental Theater
Various skits from comedians.

* 3D Fura Fura Machi Aruki Kyoto
A 3D tour of Kyoto, hosted by Tomoko Tabata.

[Thanks, Andriasang]

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