Nintendo Video gears up latest 3D content

magic piano 3DS

Nintendo 3DS owners can enjoy the latest range of free 3D content through the Nintendo Video service.

Those using the streaming service will be able to view the beautiful ‘Magic Piano’, BreakThru Films award-winning animation short recently shortlisted to feature at the 2012 Oscars ceremony, as well as a Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace 3D trailer, and a specially created two-part 3D Kirby TV episode.

The ‘Magic Piano’ tells the story of Anna, whose father must leave Poland to look for work in London. Missing her father, she sets out to find him, closely followed by her annoying cousin Chip Chip.

Whilst trying to hide from him amidst a rubbish pile, they discover a broken piano that magically transforms into a flying machine and whisks them off on an adventure across Europe. Directed by Martin Clapp, it features a selection of Chopin’s most celebrated compositions performed by the renowned pianist Lang Lang.

Each of the eight clips will feature an individual Etude performed by Lang Lang, accompanying Anna’s tear-jerking story of heartbreak, happiness, and the magical journey that Anna and Chip Chip embark upon.

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