Nintendo Unleashed tour returns

nintendo unleashed

Nintendo UK have today confirmed the return of the Nintendo Unleashed tour, and confirmed the first three events for its 2012-13 stint.

Kitacon, due to be held in Birmingham between 13-15th April, will see the first three that enter the event win a copy of Wii exclusive Pandora’s Tower, with exclusive posters for the game available to all attendees.

Pandora’s Tower will of course be playable, as well as the first opportunity within the United Kingdom to try Mario Tennis Open. Kid Icarus: Uprising will also be there, with a dedicated Swap Shop and battle zone for players to utilise the collectible AR Cards.

The first three events, that Nintendo Unleashed will be in attendance at, are as follows:
* April 13-15th; Kitacon, Birmingham
* May 12-13th; Bristol Comic Expo
* May 25-27th; London Comic Con MCM Expo

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