Nintendo unleash array of new Golden Sun: Dark Dawn screenshots


Nintendo of Europe have released a wealth of new screenshots for upcoming RPG title, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

The return of the celebrated handheld series occurs thirty years following the concluding events of The Lost Age, the second instalment previously released for Game Boy Advance in 2003. Players will now assume the role of new protagonist Matthew, a Venus Adept like his father Isaac who was the central character within previous entries in the series.

Your initial quest will see you seek a lost friend, but as the land is befallen by a catastrophe the goals of your adventure soon change.

You can expect luscious 3D graphics and new gameplay features that truly push the Nintendo DS to its limits, with a new addition being the ability to respond with different emotional reactions to various scenarios in the game. From which, your choice of emotion will have an impact on the response from other characters that you meet along your journey.

Alongside this is a new Weapon Mastery feature that provides characters with the opportunity to gain expertise with specific weapons as well as new Psynergies, puzzles and an optional Touch Screen command system.

Below, you’ll find forty-four new screenshots for the title, which is due to release exclusively for Nintendo DS across the US on November 29th and Europe on December 10th.

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