Nintendo UK Launch Star Fox Zero Ace Pilot Competition


Nintendo UK has launched a Star Fox Zero Ace Pilot competition, searching for those that have mastered the Wii U exclusive’s missions across the breadth of the country.

Their challenge is for players to score a Total Personal Best of 3000 hits across all of Star Fox Zero‘s missions, with their pictorial proof to be submitted on Twitter using the hashtags #StarFoxZero and #AcePilot.

That will run until 12th June 2016 with all successful entrants to receive a limited edition certificate and have their name immortalised on Nintendo UK’s official website.

The pilot that achieves the highest overall score will not only receive the above, but will earn themselves a Star Fox Zero prize pack that includes a Star Fox Zero canvas print, Fox amiibo, Falco amiibo, Star Fox Zero Collector’s Edition Prima Strategy Guide and a Star Fox Zero T-Shirt.

Nintendo UK share a few pointers to help you pilot your way to victory, such as unlocking every mission, destroying everything in sight, earning +1 Hits, to largely ignore medals, and, expectedly, that practise makes perfect.

As always, remember to read the Terms and Conditions on Nintendo UK’s official website. Good luck, pilots!

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