Nintendo UK announce online Mario Kart 7 tournament

mario kart 7

In celebration of 20 years since Super Mario Kart launched on Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo UK have announced a Mario Kart 7 tournament across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Players are invited to compete in regional communities, striving to gain a place within the Grand Final in Birmingham which will take place on October 27th.

Qualifying stages will see 10 online communities formed, comprising of both a male and female community in England, Scotland, Wales, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, with the top two competitors proceeding to the Grand Final.

For their efforts, they will receive a Shell Cup, copy of New Super Mario Bros. 2 and a Goody Bag, with those that achieve third place, and narrowly miss out on the Grand Final, receiving a Shell Cup and Goody Bag.

At the Grand Final, the overall victors will win a Leaf Cup trophy, second place will receive a Special Cup, and each of the top three placed male and female competitors will win every first-party retail game for Nintendo 3DS over the next year (starting in November!).

This runs alongside the ongoing Mario Kart 7 Britain’s Fastest Family tournament, and you can find further information at

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