Nintendo to unveil ‘Expansion Slide Pad’ for Nintendo 3DS


Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has today revealed that Nintendo is set to announce plans to release a Nintendo 3DS attachment that will provide players with the ability to use a second Circle Pad alongside four shoulder buttons.

It is rumoured to be known as the Nintendo 3DS ‘Expansion Slide Pad’.

Whilst doubts initially surrounded rumours of the attachment, a Nintendo spokesperson today clarified that news regarding it was incoming: “We can confirm that Nintendo does plan to release the attachment but that any further announcements on the attachment will be made at some later time by Nintendo.”

Nintendo are therefore expected to detail this hardware attachment at a pre-Tokyo Game Show conference next week, yet a scan of Famitsu suggests that the handheld will sit in a cradle of sorts that then allows you to enjoy such additional functionality.

You can check the magazine image of the Nintendo 3DS Expansion Slide Pad below:

Nintendo 3DS Expansion Circle Pad

[Thanks MCV, Andriasang]
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