Nintendo to participate in two GDC 2012 presentations

super mario 3d land

Nintendo has confirmed that they are to be present within two presentations at the 2012 Game Developer Conference in March.

Whilst most will hope for new information in regards to the company’s forthcoming home console, the Wii U, these presentations will instead discuss progress on the Nintendo 3DS. Similarly, the show floor will only see a strong handheld presence.

Steve Rabin, Principal Software Engineer at Nintendo of America, will participate in a presentation titled “Existential Crisis: Do We Really Need AI?” on Tuesday 6th March.

The second, “Thinking in 3D: The Development of Super Mario 3D Land”, will be held on Wednesday March 7th and hosted by director Koichi Hayashida. The presentation will discuss the ways in which Nintendo was able to differentiate between 2D and 3D gameplay during development of the key Nintendo 3DS title.

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