Nintendo to host ‘Nintendo Video New Year’s Telethon’

Nintendo Video Service

Nintendo is to see the New Year in by playing host to their very own Telethon on Nintendo Video, the company has confirmed through a SpotPass message.

It’s set to run between December 31st to January 2nd, and will see viewers able to watch videos previously provided through the service. You’ll then be able to vote for your favourite, the winner of which will then remain on Nintendo Video over the next five days.

There’s only word regarding this kicking off in North America so far, so we’ll have to await further information as to whether Europe will also see the same.

“Mark your calendar for the first-ever Nintendo Video New Year’s Telethon,” the message exclaims. “Wondering what you’ve missed on Nintendo Video? Wish you could see your favourite videos again? Want to vote for your favourite video of 2011 the old-fashioned way? Check out the Nintendo Video New Year’s Telethon running from 6 p.m. EST Dec. 31 until 2 a.m. Jan. 2. We’ll be running the classics from 2011 and taking your calls and votes!”

[Thanks Kotaku]

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