Nintendo to distribute Dead or Alive Dimensions across Europe in May

dead or alive 3ds screenshot

Nintendo and Tecmo Koei Europe have confirmed that they have entered into a distribution agreement for the release of the anticipated Dead or Alive Dimensions for Nintendo 3DS.

Becoming part of the intial software released during the ‘launch window’ for the handheld system, Dead or Alive Dimensions is due to be released in May 2011, although a specific date has not yet been set. Under the terms of the agreement Nintendo will be responsible for the sales, marketing and distribution of the game throughout European territories, with Tecmo Koei remaining as publisher.

This marks the first time that an instalment within the Dead or Alive franchise has been made for a Nintendo platform, and with the Nintendo 3DS system bristling with new interactive features that will enhance gameplay, this newest instalment is tipped to be one of the most dynamic ever.

Fans can look forward to 25 playable characters, and the ability to use the StreetPass functionality of the handheld to fight with AI controlled fighters that will allow you to unlock prize character figurines as rewards.

Dead or Alive Dimensions is due to release exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS across Europe in May.

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