Nintendo to discontinue retail training website


Educating retailers as to how best sell your products can be key to any company’s success, and Nintendo of America had offered their support through a training website.

That will shortly be discontinued, Nintendo shifting their attention to provide a “fully-fledged training resource” that can be used through their retail partners own learning resources. This will come into effect from the close of April, with Nintendo sharing their wish to deliver “informative and fun learning tools.”

“We want to thank you for your continued participation on the Nintendo training site over the past few years,” a message from the company reads. “Your support and feedback has been amazing and we can’t thank you enough for your personal investment in promoting Nintendo products in your stores!

“As we continue to evolve our product education strategy for our retail partners, we have decided to shift our focus from an independent community page to a full-fledged training resource located within your company’s learning platform. Effective 4/30/15, the Nintendo training site will be discontinued so that we can concentrate on developing informative and fun learning tools built specifically for our retail partners.”

[Thanks GoNintendo]
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