Nintendo Tease “New Experience” With Flexible Nintendo Switch Peripheral

New Nintendo Switch Experience Photo

Nintendo has teased a “new experience” for Nintendo Switch, promising to reveal more about it next week on Thursday 12th September.

There’s not that much to go on from their introduction video, aside from that a right Joy-Con is clicked into the main circular peripheral – which must be made from rubber, seeing as the player can stretch it.

Along with that, there is another strap that we can see an actor attach to her thigh in which the left Joy-Con is placed.

The video is mainly focused on the device and how players from around the world will interact with it. We don’t actually see any gameplay.

But, from the different ways that they use the peripheral – squeezing it between their thigs, swinging it around their heads, and holding yoga poses – it looks like this could be the portable home console’s take on a Wii Fit-like experience to make exercising more entertaining.

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