Nintendo tease initial Wii U game releases

In a marginally cruel move ahead of E3 2012 next week, Nintendo have teased the names of titles that they are set to reveal for Wii U.

Through their newly launched official Wii U Facebook page, Nintendo write: “Guess what the initial game releases will be for Nintendo’s new home console, Wii U? Soon we’ll scratch off to reveal the names!”

Whilst we firmly recommend that you don’t start scratching your screen in a frantic manner, mostly because it won’t work, we’re presuming that Nintendo won’t make such a reveal until their conference on Tuesday.

Nintendo will take to the stage at the Nokia Theatre on Tuesday 5th June at 9am PST/12pm EST (5pm BST/6pm CET), where they will at last unveil Wii U software and hardware.

wii u facebook tease1

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