Nintendo team up with Facebook for Super Mario Maker hackathon


Nintendo of America have teamed up with Facebook to host a special ‘hackathon’ event at their headquarters in Menlo Park between Tuesday 28th – Wednesday 29th July.

Seen as a unique element of Facebook’s company culture, a hackathon allows the social network’s employees to pursue a project outside of their usual day-to-day responsibilities and create something that interests them.

The special Super Mario Maker hackathon will see employees design a level for the Wii U exclusive, with designers presenting their creations to a panel of judges from Nintendo and Facebook. The winning individual or team will have the opportunity to make their level available for free in Super Mario Maker after it launches.

Nintendo will make a video series to document the event, while live updates will be shared on Nintendo’s social media channels next week.

“Facebook is known for connecting people through delightful shared experiences,” comments Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of sales and marketing. “Video games fit that mission perfectly, and we’re thrilled to work with a partner like Facebook to help more people form connections through the joy of games like Super Mario Maker.

“It’s easy for anyone to create levels in the game and share them with friends, and we can’t wait to see what the talented Facebook employees will create before the game becomes available to everyone starting on the 11th of September.”

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