Nintendo Team Up With ESL For Official Splatoon Tournaments


We may now know why Splatoon‘s Splatfests came to a sudden close. Nintendo of Europe has teamed up with ESL, the world’s largest eSports company, to run six months of online tournaments that will start in early September.

The news was shared by Nintendo of Europe president Satoru Shibata and Splatoon producer Hisashi Nogami at Gamescom 2016, where the top four ranked teams from ESL Play’s early Splatoon qualifiers were preparing for their final battle.

“I’m happy to announce that, starting in early September, Nintendo and ESL will team up for official online Splatoon tournaments in Europe,” Shibata shared. “They’ll last for six months, so we hope you’ll all look forward to taking part.”

More details on the ESL online Splatoon tournaments will be revealed in the coming weeks.

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