Nintendo Switch Will Not Provide Second Screen Experience Like Wii U


With Nintendo coming to the realisation that the Wii U GamePad’s second screen experience “disrupts” gameplay, it will perhaps come as no surprise that Nintendo Switch will move away from such concept.

Their new home console will instead allow players to enjoy the same title “wherever, whenever and with whomever they choose,” connecting to your TV when placed in the Nintendo Switch dock and instantly transitioning to handheld mode once it is removed.

“Nintendo Switch is dedicated to deliver a single-screen experience, on whatever screen you might choose,” a Nintendo of America spokesperson succinctly confirmed to Polygon.

Wii U looks likely to be remembered as the company’s worst-selling home console, but Off-TV Play on the Wii U GamePad was a widely cherished feature to those that have owned one. The confirmation also suggests that Wii U games are unlikely to release on the Virtual Console service.

Nintendo Switch will release worldwide in March 2017.

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  1. That,s a shame because I love playing the Lego games with my kids and its great to have your own screen instead of slit screen. It would be great if the switch allowed you to connect the Wii U gamepad for those that have one

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