Nintendo Switch Uses NetFront Browser NX


Access has announced that Nintendo had selected their NetFront Browser NX for use with Nintendo Switch.

The WebKit-based browser component boasts “ultra-low levels of memory usage” thanks to the company’s technology that improves memory usage efficiency while ensuring powerful rendering across multiple devices and operating systems.

It supports the latest Web technologies, such as CSS3, Gamepad API, WebP, WebSocket, HTTP Cache, and world leading enhanced HTML5 support. And, through using “proprietary expansion spatial navigation technology,” the browser “enables smooth movement controlled by the arrow keys, maximiSes the usability of directional keypads on game controllers and more.”

Nintendo has previously selected the NetFront Browser series for use with Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, with Nintendo Switch becoming the seventh model to use it.

Access adds that on Nintendo Switch, NetFront Browser NX is used as a “cooperation function with Nintendo Account, Nintendo eShop, upload of screen photos on SNS and more.”

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