Nintendo Switch Tech Specs Revealed

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With the console now weeks away from releasing around the world, Nintendo of Europe has provided a detailed breakdown that details the Nintendo Switch technical specification.

Their new Specifications page shares every little detail about the new home gaming system, from the size, weight and screen, right through to wireless connectivity support, audio output, and microSD card options.

There are a few areas that Nintendo chooses not to go into particular detail such as the NVIDIA customised Tegra processor, but the majority will surely pique the interest of anyone wondering about everything hidden inside the console’s innards.

Nintendo Switch Console Technical Specification

  • Size: 102mm x 239mm x 13.9mm (with Joy-Con attached). Please note: 28.4mm at the thickest, from the tips of the analogue sticks to the ZL/ZR Button protrusions.
  • Weight: Approx. 297g (with Joy-Con controllers attached: 398g)
  • Screen: Capacitive touch screen / 6.2 inch LCD / 1280×720 resolution
  • CPU/GPU: NVIDIA customised Tegra processor
  • System memory: 32 GB. Please note: a portion of this internal memory is reserved for use by the system.
  • Communication features: Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac compliant) / Bluetooth 4.1 (TV mode only. A wired LAN connection is possible through the use of a commercially available wired LAN adapter.)
  • Video output: Maximum resolution: 1920×1080, 60 fps. Please note: output via HDMI cable in TV mode. In tabletop mode and handheld mode, the maximum resolution is 1280×720, which matches the screen resolution.
  • Audio output: Supports linear PCM 5.1ch. Please note: output via HDMI cable in TV mode.
  • Speakers: Stereo
  • USB terminal: USB Type-C terminal. Used for charging or for connecting to the Nintendo Switch dock.
  • Headphone mic. jack: Stereo output
  • Game card slot: Exclusively for Nintendo Switch game cards.
  • microSD card slot: Compatible with microSD, microSDHC and microSDXC memory cards. Please note: an update via an internet connection is required to use microSDXC memory cards.
  • Sensors: Accelerometer / gyroscope / brightness sensor
  • Operating environment: Temperature: 5 – 35°C / Humidity: 20 – 80%
  • Internal battery: Lithium ion battery / battery capacity 4310mAh. Please note: the internal battery cannot be removed. If the battery needs to be replaced, we plan to offer paid replacement via Nintendo Customer Support.
  • Battery life: Battery life can last for more than six hours, but will vary depending on the software and usage conditions. For example, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild can be played for roughly three hours on a single charge.
  • Charging time: 3 hours approx. Please note: this is the time taken to charge while the console is in sleep mode.
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