Nintendo Switch System Update 5.0.0 Rumour Debunked


The most recent Nintendo Switch system update was Version 4.1.0, which Nintendo had released in early December to resolve an issue that had caused motion controls to respond incorrectly.

With the plucky portable home console’s ever-increasing popularity, many have continued to lament what they see as key system features that Nintendo has yet to add – whether that be an Internet browser, cloud saves, folders, on-console voice chat, or media services such as YouTube, Twitch, or Crunchyroll.

It was understandably exciting to many, then, when a video surfaced over the weekend that claimed to leak what awaits in Nintendo Switch system update version 5.0.0, that somewhat miraculously addressed nearly every complaint that has been levelled at the console.

It won’t come as a surprise that such system update, which was supposedly planned for release in early February, was too good to be true. Hours after it was posted, the original video was pulled – an extra effort to make it appear as if Nintendo had stepped in to have it removed from YouTube.

While many chose to hold out hope that it could be real, it wasn’t long before it was debunked. The most significant error that the video’s creator had missed was that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe had been a digital copy, which requires 6.8 GB. But, when the creator scrolls past Data Management in System Settings to show that cloud storage had supposedly been added, viewers soon noticed that not enough space had been taken up across the system memory and microSD Card.

And, while YouTube rebranded their logo in 2017, the icon that supposedly shows the video-sharing website’s app on Nintendo Switch used their old one. Case closed.

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