Nintendo Switch Support Quadruples In GDC State Of The Game Industry 2018 Survey

Nintendo Switch Neon Red Blue Console Image

The 2018 Game Developers Conference has released the results from their GDC State of the Game Industry 2018 survey, revealing industry trends before their annual event in March.

With responses from nearly 4,000 game developers, the results reveal that 12 percent of respondents are now developing games for Nintendo Switch – which represents a significant jump compared to last year’s survey when it was only 3 percent.

15 percent stated that they plan to make their next game available on Nintendo Switch, which, again, was a sharp increase from the 5 percent that said the same last year. And, when asked which platforms (if any) interested them most, 36 percent answered Nintendo Switch – placing below PC (59 percent) and PlayStation 4 (39 percent), but above Xbox One (28 percent).

For those that have already released games on the portable home console, when asked how they had sold 28 percent of respondents have said that their games have sold better than average on Switch, whereas 23 percent stated that their sales on Switch have been average. 16 percent shared that their games have sold less on Switch than other consoles.

But, taking into account that 33 percent of respondents stated that the question didn’t apply to them, GDC concluded that 76 percent of developers that have released a game on Nintendo Switch have seen sales match or exceed their performance on other platforms.

Only 1 percent of respondents are currently developing games for Nintendo 3DS, and, somewhat interestingly, another percent are working on games for Wii U.

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