Nintendo Switch Sales Outpace PS4 Launch In Japan


With Nintendo Switch becoming the fastest-selling system in Nintendo’s history in both Europe and North America, many have been interested to see how the console performs in Japan.

That has seen similar success, and, while we may not know whether it is at record-breaking levels, interest in the console at launch has outpaced the PlayStation 4.

2ch has tallied the numbers, which reveal that Nintendo Switch sales have outrun Sony’s console in the seven weeks since launch.

That sees PlayStation 4 having shifted 506,739 units in that time compared to Nintendo Switch, which sold 651,879 units despite retailers reporting that they have sold out in each consecutive week.

It demonstrates impressive momentum for Nintendo’s home console, and it will be interesting to see how this continues for the remainder of the year with ARMS, Splatoon 2 and Super Mario Odyssey all on the way.

PlayStation 4 Sales In Japan

Week 1: 309,154
Week 2: 65,685
Week 3: 35,294
Week 4: 29,677
Week 5: 30,201
Week 6: 23,327
Week 7: 13,401
Week 8: 13,034
Week 9: 14,396
Week 10: 12,712
Week 11: 11,486
Week 12: 8,480
Week 13: 6,792
Week 14: 7,543
Week 15: 6,508

Nintendo Switch Sales In Japan

Week 1: 329,152 [Sold out] Week 2: 61,998 [Sold out] Week 3: 49,913 [Sold out] Week 4: 78,441 [Sold out] Week 5: 45,509 [Sold out] Week 6: 41,193 [Sold out] Week 7: 45,673 [Sold out]

[Thanks, Kotaku]
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