Nintendo Switch Returned To Nintendo After User Interface Leak


After an undisclosed retailer shipped his Nintendo Switch two weeks before launch, hiphoptherobot went on to leak previously unknown information about the console’s user interface.

His video still remains live and has been viewed more than 2.7 million times, but, as the world excitedly looked for what secrets Nintendo Switch still held, hiphoptherobot has been in conversation with “a third-party” working on behalf of Nintendo, and came to the decision to return the console back to them.

“Not sure if I can really talk about it but I will say Nintendo has the console back and I am personally not in any trouble,” he explained on NeoGAF. “Other than being out a console and the money I paid for it which really sucks with all the bills I have right now but it isn’t going to be the end of the world or anything.”

Pushed for more information about what had happened, he added: “Again, I probably can’t talk about details but after knowing what happened I don’t necessarily think Nintendo is wrong for wanting the console back and the people I dealt with have all been very nice and reasonable. And again, I am not in any trouble but didn’t feel like pushing my luck by keeping the videos up.”

With many angry that Nintendo would ask for it to be returned, he pleaded that no one targets them with any negativity about the situation and that he would talk to them about securing a replacement.

“I would rather not stir up any negativity with Nintendo right now honestly,” he closed. “And I wouldn’t be surprised if they get me a replacement console or something. It just hasn’t been discussed as of yet. I’m not angry with them so other people don’t need to get angry with them on my behalf.”

Nintendo Switch will launch worldwide on Friday 3rd March, priced at £279.99 ($299.99).

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    1. Often communication like this is actually done via third parties (legal companies) hired by Nintendo who are experts in these kind of situations. Hiphoptherobot was not to blame for any of it since he got it from his retailer by mistake. As such communications where likely quite civil and reasonable like he testifies himself (yes legal companies can be like that as well 😉 ).

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