Nintendo Switch Online Will Increase Your Fun On The Portable Home Console

Nintendo Switch Online Logo

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima has spoken about Nintendo Switch Online, saying that it will be one means to increase the fun that you can have on the portable home console.

“You will be able to read details about Nintendo Switch Online on our website in early May, but we are positioning the service as one means of increasing and enhancing the fun of playing Nintendo Switch,” Kimishima explained, in response to a question at the company’s financial results briefing.

“As we are preparing for the start of the service, costs have been incurred during this first half, but we do not expect the amount to be especially large. We are not discussing specific numbers with regards to sales after the paid service starts, but that has likewise been factored into the forecast for this fiscal year.”

With more news about the subscription-based service to be shared in early May, Nintendo has promised that the service, which launches in September and is required to play online multiplayer, will deliver a “robust online experience” and will be “worth the wait.”

We already know how Nintendo Switch Online will be priced when it launches, what it will generally include, why it was pushed back into 2018, and that it will have “that extra Nintendo twist” to differentiate itself from competitors.

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