Nintendo Switch Online Will “Continue To Evolve”

Nintendo Switch Online Logo

Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser has stated that Nintendo Switch Online “will continue to evolve” moving forward.

Since the subscription service was launched in September 2018, Nintendo has introduced games such as Tetris 99 and Super Mario Bros. 35 as well as expanding the retro game catalogue with more NES and SNES games. Unsurprisingly, those efforts to encourage new subscribers and retain existing oens won’t end there.

“We’re continuing to watch how people are engaging with the service. The top two reasons that people today purchase a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online are the ability to play our games online, and the second is the ability to engage in content like you just mentioned — and not only Super Mario Bros. 35 or Tetris 99, but also the catalog of NES and SNES titles,” Bowser explained to Polygon.

“We’re at over 100 titles that are available right now. Some of those now have the ability to be played in multiplayer form, where the originals did not. So there’s a high level of engagement on that side. But those are the top two reasons people choose to subscribe, along with cloud save and some of the other benefits, and we’ll continue to evolve the service as we go forward, making sure we’re providing new and fresh functionality and games for folks.”

The pricing plans for Nintendo Switch Online are £3.49 ($3.99) per month, £6.99 ($7.99) for three months or £17.99 ($19.99) for 12 months.

There is a 12 month Family Membership for £31.49 ($34.99) that will allow a Nintendo Account holder to “invite up to seven others to join a family group” that will all have access to Nintendo Switch Online.

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