Nintendo Switch OLED Model Hit With Patent Infringement Lawsuit

White Nintendo Switch OLED Model Photo

Solas OLED has announced that it has filed a lawsuit against Nintendo and Samsung Display Co. Ltd (SDC), alleging that the Nintendo Switch OLED Model has infringed on the Dublin-based company’s patents in the United States.

The Irish company “specialises in patented OLED technologies” and believes that the portable home console has infringed upon four of its patents – No. 7,499,042, No. 7,573,068, No. 7,868,880 and No. 7,663,615.

“The [Nintendo] Switch OLED [Model], which launched in October 2021, incorporates a 7-inch OLED panel that is supplied by SDC,” Solas OLED Ltd explains in a press release. “It is the latest in a long line of products to implement a display by SDC that infringes Solas’ patents. In March of this year, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas found SDC guilty of infringing Solas’ patents to the tune of more than US$80 million.

“Despite the Court ruling, and despite SDC knowing of Solas’ patents for years now, SDC’s OLED displays continue to embody Solas’ patented technology without an appropriate license to the patents that cover the OLED technology.

“SDC’s continual and knowingly unauthorized use and infringement of Solas’ patents is emblematic of the irreverent attitude of Samsung Group to the patents of others. This attitude serves only to erode a system intended to protect and foster innovation; and, Solas will continue to fight to protect the efforts and intellectual property created by others and to stop Samsung’s pervasive pilfering of patented technologies.”

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