Nintendo Switch Mini Accessories Appear On The GAME Spain Website

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Photo

The rumor about the upcoming revised Nintendo Switch models – the Nintendo Switch Mini and Nintendo Switch Pro – has been swirling for months now.

It was in March that The Wall Street Journal had reported on the two models, with one that “will have enhanced features targeted at avid video gamers” and another which has been created as “a cheaper option for casual gamers” to replace the Nintendo 3DS.

Now, to throw fuel on the fire, GAME Spain has listed (and since removed) five Nintendo Switch Mini accessories that it appears will be released as part of the specialist retailer’s GAMEWare range.

Those listings had included a Transparent TPU Case, Protector Film, Tempered Glass, Transport Bag, and a non-specific Pack, but, soon after they were spotted, have been removed from the website.

Whether it was simply a mistake or if an announcement is drawing near is unclear at this point, but the ever-increasing chatter certainly seems to indicate that something is happening.

GAME Spain Nintendo Switch Mini Accessories Image

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