Nintendo Switch Hackers Banned With Error Code 2124-4007

Nintendo Switch Red Joy-Con Photo

Nintendo has started to ban those that look to circumvent the Nintendo Switch operating system in their continued efforts to thwart piracy on the portable home console.

The company now appears to be targeting those that use SX OS and SX Pro, a small dongle that Team Xecuter has created that plugs into the console’s USB-C charging port. It lets users run homebrew software and, more worryingly for Nintendo, any game ROMs that are available.

While its creators position it as “the ultimate solution for jailbreaking your Nintendo Switch,” a member has revealed that days after using it for the first time, he has been hit with the Error Code 2124-4007. “The use of online services on this console is currently restricted by Nintendo,” an accompanying message reads. “Please contact Customer Support via the Nintendo Support Website and quote this error code.”

That now means that the Nintendo eShop is inaccessible, games that have been bought legitimately cannot be played online or redownloaded if you have chosen to delete them after the ban.

After reports emerged that the SX OS and SX Pro contained code that could brick your Nintendo Switch, Team Xecuter denied the claim in their response explaining that they now have “over 100,000 active SX users.” If that’s true, Nintendo has a lot of work left to do.

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