Nintendo Switch Hacked After WebKit Browser Vulnerability Exposed

Access was excited to announce that NetFront Browser NX had been selected to be used with Nintendo Switch, boasting that it merely required “ultra-low levels of memory usage.”

The WebKit-based browser component is used as a “cooperation function with Nintendo Account, Nintendo eShop, upload of screen photos on SNS and more,” but, it has already given Nintendo a cause for concern.

Wololo reports that a hacker known as qwertyoruiop claims to have hacked Nintendo Switch, who has been responsible for jailbreaking multiple iOS versions and the PlayStation 4 1.76 jailbreak. Worryingly, he explains that all he had to do was to remove the iOS specific code from his existing jailbreakMe iOS Webkit exploit, meaning that this has simply used an existing vulnerability.

LiveOverflow has since released a proof of concept to confirm that the browser is vulnerable to the iOS 9.3 WebKit exploit, and, at this point, will see hackers use this as an entry point to start analysing the Nintendo Switch operating system.

This exploit only allows user-level access but it has become an early problem that Nintendo will move to counter as swiftly as they possibly can.

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