Nintendo Switch Dev Kit Price Is $450

Nintendo continues to enthusiastically work hard to spread the word about how third-party developers can bring their games to Nintendo Switch. They made an appearance at the Game Creators Conference 2017 this weekend, where they revealed that the Nintendo Switch dev kit price is approximately 50,000 yen ($450). Japan Edition reports that it is hoped that the low cost, coupled with support for Unreal Engine 4 and Unity, will allow the platform to be seen as being far more approachable for independent developers.

For comparison’s sake, the Wii U dev kit was rumoured to cost around $5,000, with rumours relating to the Nintendo 3DS dev kit pointing to a $2,620 price point (or $3,950 if you wanted the functionality to capture footage).

Those that are interested in developing for Nintendo Switch should register on the Nintendo Developer Portal, where all of the company’s developer programs had been merged into a single worldwide portal in July 2016.

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