Nintendo Switch Can Now Save Your Credit Card Information


Nintendo has continued to improve the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch since launch, recently adding Charts that show the software titles with the most downloads in the past two weeks.

Now, they have addressed a more common criticism, in that users now have the option to save their credit card information whenever they add funds or purchase content.

This is only available to Nintendo Account members that are over 18 years old and only one credit card can be stored per Nintendo Account. However, that same credit card can be stored to multiple Nintendo Accounts, and users can choose whether they will be required to input a password whenever they wish to use it.

Nintendo adds that credit card information stored on your Nintendo Account does not carry over to a linked Nintendo Network ID, or vice versa, while the card can also be used for off-device purchases – which, I can only assume, refers to buying games digitally on the Nintendo’s official websites.

When viewing Recent Releases on the Nintendo eShop, the company has also added a View More option which, after it loads, will show games that have launched earlier in the console’s life.

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