Nintendo “Stand With The Black Community”

Nintendo Logo

Nintendo of America has posted a statement reinforcing that they “stand with the Black community.”

This comes in response to the anti-racism protests that are being held across the United States and around the world in response to George Floyd’s tragic death, and many others in the Black community.

“Nintendo shares the pain felt in the United States after the tragic death of George Floyd, and we stand with the Black community and all those who recognise our shared humanity and fundamental believe in equity and justice,” Nintendo of America wrote in a statement.

“We reject bias, exclusion, oppression and the violence that leads to these completely unnecessary deaths. We are committed to fostering equity, inclusion and diversity in all aspects of our business and the work we do.”

It is unclear whether the company has made a donation as part of their regular corporation contributions to charitable organisations.

However, Nintendo of America does offer an Employee Matching Gifts Program through which they match employee donations “dollar-for-dollar or product-for-product” for qualified organisations, which employee posts on social media have suggested has been extended to support relevant charities.

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