Nintendo showcase House Party mode for Wii Party U

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Within today’s Nintendo Direct, the company demonstrated how the innovative ways in which the Wii U GamePad will be implemented in Wii Party U’s House Party mode.

Examples shown included Water Runners, where a stream of water is displayed on Wii U GamePad which is placed on the floor, with players competing with each other to scoop water from it using Wii Remote Plus controllers. You must then carefully carry this toward the TV screen, where it can then be poured into your corresponding pitcher to score.

Satoru Iwata also discussed Folk Dance Fever sees players rotating around the Wii U GamePad in time to the music, and Button Battle which is like a console based version of the body-bending Twister.

Wii Party U will release across Europe and North America on October 25th, with the packaged version also containing a Wii Remote Plus and Horizontal Stand for the Wii U GamePad for games such as Tabletop Football, and Tabletop Baseball.

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