Nintendo shares rise following Pokémon iOS/ Android reveal

pokemon 1

It would seem that Nintendo’s shareholders are really keen to see the company embrace the recent popularity surge in the smartphone market.

Following the announcement that ‘Pokémon Say Tap?’ was to release for iOS and Android devices over Summer in Japan, Nintendo’s shares rose as much as 4.9 percent – the most that they have done so since March 16th.

However, following the comments made by Nintendo’s head of PR in which the company clarified its continued stance in regards to the mobile and smartphone market, the shares once again fell – settling on an overall + 1.2 percent.

“The share movement showed how much investors are hoping for Nintendo to change its strategy,” commented Mitsuo Shimizu, an analyst at Cosmo Securities Co. in Tokyo. “Nintendo should consider developing games for smartphones or players that can also act as mobile phones, as it suits the lifestyles of many people.”

[Thanks, Bloomberg]

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