Nintendo share Mario Tennis Open details

mario tennis open

Nintendo have revealed further information regarding Nintendo 3DS exclusive, Mario Tennis Open.

Players will be able to compete in multiplayer matches, either through a local wireless or Wi-Fi connection. Online, you’ll be able to win Victory Medals from every challenger you defeat through Open Match, increasing your standing on the monthly leaderboards.

A further Special Game has also been revealed, titled ‘Ink Showdown’. Here, you’ll find Piranha Plants spitting ink balls at you from the back edge of the court, and you must destroy them before they splatter and obscure the screen.

Mario Tennis Open will also support StreetPass, in which you will be challenged by the Mii characters of those that you pass. With these, you can engage within a competitive StreetPass Match or in a co-operative Ring Shot challenge.

Unlockable characters are also hidden away in the game, some locked through progression whilst others require you to scan special QR codes. Such characters include Luma, Baby Mario and Dry Bowser.

Mario Tennis Open is due to release across North America on May 20th, and Europe on May 25th.

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