Nintendo set to launch huge marketing campaign for Wii

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Nintendo are due to support today’s Wii price drop by launching their biggest ever marketing campaign for the platform outside of the Christmas period.

Earlier this month, Nintendo announced that they were due to drop the recommended retail price of the Wii to £129.99 for both the existing Wii Sports Resort console bundle, and a newly introduced Mario Kart bundle. Today, that has gone into effect, with retailers further discounting the platform to sub-£100 prices.

“We have a huge TV campaign which airs for four weeks from the evening of Thursday, May 19th,” explained Robert Lowe, Marketing manager for Nintendo UK. “It showcases various first and third party titles, which focus on various reasons why Wii is perfect for a young family – it’s creative, social, active, safe and fun. We will also have an outdoor and in-store campaign that focuses on the great value found in the new Mario Kart bundle.”

He added, “On the Nintendo website there will be a new guide to buying your first Wii, and what games to get with it – along with a search campaign focused on directing those people looking to buy their first games console toward this site.
Overall it’s the biggest Wii hardware campaign we’ve run outside of peak season.”

The campaign includes TV advertisements that will focus on the new Nintendo Selects range of budget software for the system, which currently includes Wii Sports, WarioWare: Smooth Moves, Mario Strikers Charged Football and Animal Crossing: Let’s Go To The City.

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