Nintendo Schedule Fiscal Year Earnings Release For April 27th


Nintendo has scheduled their fiscal year earnings release for 27th April 2016, a date on which the company will outline their performance in the fiscal year that ends 31st March 2016.

That takes a week earlier than the past two years, although that isn’t something that we should read into too much. We also know what to expect, after Nintendo revised their fiscal year forecast in late February.

That sees Nintendo anticipate making a 17 billion yen profit (£107.5 million), a reduction on the 35 billion yen (£221.3 million) profit that they had forecast before.

Such revision was associated with the Nintendo 3DS hardware and software sales performing below expectation, even with an increase in Wii U and Wii software sales. Foreign currency exchange rates have also been blamed, which alone will be attributed to 20 billion yen (£126.4 million) losses.

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