Nintendo Schedule E3 2016 Business Presentation


Now that they have shared their E3 2016 plans which indicate that there won’t even be a Nintendo Digital Event, Nintendo of America has scheduled their E3 2016 business presentation.

That won’t come as a particular surprise given that this is held each year, an event at which the company outline what games and products that they have planned for release in the coming months to investors, retailers and other business partners.

“Nintendo will have an exclusive E3 presentation for our business partners that will showcase key launches and programs through Holiday 2016,” the Nintendo sales team shared in an email.

Whether Nintendo NX will factor into their presentation is unclear, given that Nintendo are keeping their cards close to their chest until the “dedicated game platform” is revealed later in the year.

Nintendo’s E3 2016 business presentation will take place between 9 – 10am on Tuesday 14th June.

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