Nintendo rock out with Xenoblade Chronicles 3D live performances


Breathtaking in scale alone, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D’s exquisite score is the perfect accompaniment to an adventure through a world that dwarfs you at every turn.

The New Nintendo 3DS exclusive’s release is near, and Nintendo have marked such fact by releasing live performances of five memorable tracks from the game’s soundtrack to get you in the mood – namely being Main Theme, Gaur Plain, Mechanical Rhythm, Engage the Enemy and You Will Know Our Names.

Within our review, we wrote: “Xenoblade Chronicles 3D delivers a welcome chance to experience a game, whether for the first time or as a repeated journey, that undeniably helped to redefine the Japanese RPG genre. Whether to explore the world, experience its gripping storyline, revel in battle or all of the above, it’s a reminder of a game that will forever stand the test of time.”

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D will launch exclusively for New Nintendo 3DS in Europe and Japan on April 2nd, and North America on April 10th.

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