Nintendo Reveal New Wii U And amiibo Bundles

Captain Toad Artwork

Nintendo of America has announced that select Wii U games will soon be packaged with an amiibo, helping to introduce players to the world of their toys-to-life figures.

Those bundles will include Yoshi’s Woolly World with a Pink Yarn Yoshi amiibo or Light Blue Yarn Yoshi amiibo, Mario Party 10 with a Peach amiibo or Bowser amiibo, and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker with a Toad amiibo.

When scanned with the Wii U GamePad controller each amiibo will unlock something special in its respective game, whether that be activating Double Yoshi, letting you play the amiibo Party Mode, or unlocking a hide-and-seek challenge.

These Wii U and amiibo bundles will release at retailers across North America on September 9th, priced at $39.99.


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